The main feature of ArtyFacts’ work over the past few years has been lectures on various subjects to groups and societies throughout the country, by Rosalind Whyte, accredited lecturer with The Arts Society (see Lectures).

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus, all lectures in the near future are still suspended.  Virtual lectures have been taking place on Zoom throughout the period and are now restarting after the summer holidays.


Six talks are confirmed for November and December, based on exhibitions that are on in London :

5 November   :  Poussin and the Dance (NG)

12 November :  Helen Frankenthaler (DPG)

17 November :  Mixing it Up: Painting Today (Hayward)

3 December    :  Isamu Noguchi (Barbican)

10 December  :  Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 50s-Now (TB)

17 December  :  Hogarth and Europe (TB)

See ArtyFacts @ Blackheath for further details.


All past Zoom sessions are available as recordings.

If you would like to join future live Zoom sessions or receive the recordings, please contact us.

Feedback on Virtual lectures

“Thank you for this quite outstanding lecture, it was a real privilege to be present.”  Linda G

“I think your modern art lectures are great, because they make the art accessible.” Helma Z

“I do want to compliment you on your use of technology.  I have been watching a range of different lectures online, in our enforced imprisonment, and some have been simply incompetent.  …. In contrast, you were eminently professional in very much knowing what you were doing.  Your use of inserts was seamless and everything worked like clockwork.  That is quite apart from the quality and content of the lecture itself which was, of course, as excellent as ever.  Thank you so much.” Angela D

“I’m very grateful to be transported in such a way and am learning so much.” Maria B

“Your talks have been the highlight of my lockdown and I am so thrilled that they will be continuing.” Jenny H