Feedback on recent Arts Society Antony Gormley talk:

– Entertaining, lively, informative. I’m thinking of joining.

– Well delivered and excellently illustrated. Most informative and interesting

– One of the best lectures I have attended. Well done Arts Society

– It couldn’t have been better

– Best lecture for years!

– Best lecture ever

– Totally inspiring

– The lecturer was very lucid and with humour

– Interesting, well presented

– Absolutely incredible lecturer

– So interesting!

– An excellent lecture and lecturer

– Extremely clearly expressed

– So enjoyable and very interesting- Really first-class delivery. Opened my eyes to Gormley’s work

– I now have a greater appreciation and understanding of Gormley’s work. Thank you.


Feedback on virtual talks:

“You definitely have the ‘X’ factor in the way you present your sessions.” Brenda W

“I have very much enjoyed and been much impressed with all the lectures I sign up for.  I find your knowledge and expertise amazing.” Liz M

“Thank you for this quite outstanding lecture, it was a real privilege to be present.”  Linda G

“I think your modern art lectures are great, because they make the art accessible.” Helma Z

“I do want to compliment you on your use of technology.  I have been watching a range of different lectures online, in our enforced imprisonment, and some have been simply incompetent.  …. In contrast, you were eminently professional in very much knowing what you were doing.  Your use of inserts was seamless and everything worked like clockwork.  That is quite apart from the quality and content of the lecture itself which was, of course, as excellent as ever.  Thank you so much.” Angela D

“I’m very grateful to be transported in such a way and am learning so much.” Maria B

“Your talks have been the highlight of my lockdown and I am so thrilled that they will be continuing.” Jenny H

“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent presentations.   Your talks provided a welcome window during lockdown.”  Carol B


Feedback on Spirituality in Art talk:

“Thank you for this quite outstanding lecture, it was a real privilege to be present.” Linda G


Feedback on Bridget Riley talk:

“I just watched Bridget Riley this afternoon – what a treat.” AL


Feedback on Barbara Hepworth talk:
“Many thanks for the wonderful talk today. … I knew very  little about Barbara Hepworth [and] I was riveted by your talk and all those wonderful slides.” Jenny H


Feedback on Laura Knight talk:
“It was absolutely riveting.” Jenny H
“The talk on Laura Knight was so enjoyable. I had heard of her but had little knowledge of her work and really enjoyed seeing its range and diversity. Your talk was a really informative introduction leaving me wanting to see even more.” Kay H
“I just wanted to say how much a friend and I appreciated your lecture last week.  We both found it really interesting, clear and informative and learned things we hadn’t known before. Thank you very much!” E Rogers


Feedback on Tracey Emin talk:
“I found your talk electrifying and have had to completely readjust my feelings about Tracey Emin. I got carried along by your enthusiasm and brilliant analysis of her and her work.” J Hargreaves


“A very interesting lecture, as always, and highly informative. You must spend a great deal of time in front of each picture to find all those obscure details, that do make a difference, once pointed out. ” Eve M

“I have been really enthralled by your sessions. Your love of art, your depth of knowledge and your ability to point out the little details in paintings are invaluable in interpreting the paintings, most of which I would never have picked up.” Jenny H

“I always enjoy your meetings but this one on Titian was astounding. His pictures are wonderful of course but you add so much to them with your background knowledge and skilful descriptions.” Christine P

“I wasn’t going to listen to this [virtual lecture on Titian] as I saw the BBC programme but your lecture taught me so much more.” Joanna G

“I have really enjoyed your informative lectures … Your knowledge of the art world and your research into your chosen lectures is amazing. I have learnt much and much appreciate your presentation method which is scholarly and fun.” Liz M

“Another very interesting talk this morning, I really enjoyed it.” Peggy H

“Just wanted to say thank you so much …. for a wonderful hour.  I was fascinated throughout and so in awe of the depth of your knowledge and understanding. A highlight of this years birthday.” Bernadette W

“Thank you so much for today’s fascinating talk.” Kay H

“Another highly enjoyable lecture.”  Eve M

“Today’s session was a real eye opener. So unfair how little appreciation is given to women artists except for their possible foibles!” Susan G

“Thank you for a very enjoyable lecture once again. … Can I please join next week.” Joanna G

“Thank you for yet another fascinating talk this morning. These talks have become a great way to mark the end of the lockdown week.  I would like to attend next week’s talk … I hope you will be able to continue this series.” Susan R

“What an absolutely fascinating talk, Rosalind.” Helma G

“Many thanks! I enjoy the sessions very much” Hilary G

“Thank you Rosalind – I thoroughly enjoyed myself and really appreciate all the hard work you put in.”  Jenny H

Previous feedback on lectures and tours:

“… You are a born communicator.” Linda G

“Even our most conservative Members were bowled over.” Antony Gormley lecture March 2020

“The consensus on your lecture was “better than outstanding”.” AS Tenterden

“Your scholarly, well prepared and superbly delivered lectures delighted us all.” Yarra AFAS

“We were all delighted and stimulated by your beautifully presented and carefully prepared lecture.  It was a delight to learn so much more about the controversial Tracey Emin.  Our members are still discussing her work.  Thank you so much for sharing your impressive knowledge and expertise with us.” Noosa AFAS

“Your lecture … was highly informative and much enjoyed by our members. The quality of the images was a great asset for our more visually challenged members.” Poole DFAS

“Some of my highlights of the year were the sessions at the Bakehouse” Hilary T

“A big thank you from all ‘this side of the lectern’ for last week’s guiding and lecturing delivered as usual, with insight, authority and wit” G & J Barker

“Many thanks for another wonderful series of talks and visits.” D Davies

“As always – you were excellent.” G Palmer

“Thank you once again, we really did enjoy the tour, your input made all the difference.” S Jay

“This lecture has been highly recommended to us by other groups” Pewsey Vale DFAS

“Thank you for your excellent lecture on Hogarth … comments from our members were extremely enthusiastic and showed how much they enjoyed the lecture.” Romsey DFAS

“I’ve been catching up with your excellent blog … and thoroughly enjoying it.” A Ellis

“The way in which you structured your lecture and your skillful use of digital technology kept us all fascinated.” Sevenoaks DFAS

“We learned a lot, and very much enjoyed it – what more can one ask!.” Jill F

“Rosalind is … probably the best speaker on Art History that we have heard” Cape Town Fine and Decorative Art Society

“I understood so much more about Hogarth after the lecture and how he recorded the life of the 18th Century London scene” David R

“Thank you for your excellent lecture, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody, as you realised by the interest following it.” Wolverhampton DFAS

“Thank you for working so hard for us, we appreciate it enormously.” Mrs B and Joan

“Your lectures made the week, enabling us to get much more out of the gallery visits than we would have done on our own.” Andrew E

“Thank you Rosalind. You are the tops!” George and Valerie S

“Thank you for all the info, Rosalind, and for making it all so interesting.” Helen B

“I thoroughly enjoyed your lectures.” M Smith

“Thank you for being our Contemporary Art Vanguard … many enjoyed your lecture and softened their views. Bravo!” Guildford DFAS

“Thank you for such an interesting and learned lecture on ‘Mad Tracey’. Your slides were some of the best we’ve seen, really well done and involving!” CA Russell

“What a delight to hear you again! Such a professional presentation … Do come again!” Helderberg DARTS (Decorative Arts Society), South Africa

“Your lectures are the yard stick by which other Art Appreciation Lecturers should be judged.” Kathleen B

“Your talks were the icing on the cake” Margaret M

“The week was fascinating and totally absorbing thanks to your presentations and input at the galleries. I enjoyed the humour you included” J Iredale

“Excellent host, Rosalind gave us in-depth preparation for what we were going to see each day” Art appreciation passenger

“Rosalind … was the best special interest host we have encountered” Art holiday customer

“Rosalind … was the perfect speaker, leading us gently, but authoritatively, through the works of four major contemporary artists. ” M Stevens

“The work … took on a new significance as a result of … the expertise and inspiration of our speaker – Rosalind Whyte ” Mary S

“… excellent, charming and helpful” Sheffield passenger

“We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit, which went like clockwork, and were delighted to have Rosalind as our guide. ” Georgina J

“Rosalind’s enthusiasm and knowledge left a lasting impression on us all and gave us a day we shall always remember. ” NADFAS group leader