Hares in the Park

On my way back from a tour at the Royal Academy on Thursday I decided to cut through St James’ Park for a change and was so glad I did.  There’s a display of some delightful, quirky, other-worldly sculptures by Sophie Ryder.  Half shaded by the glorious trees, the shafts of sunlight picked up the pieces and bathed them in a suitably surreal light.  As office workers relaxed on the grass the silhouettes of dancing hares and hare-riders (or Ryder-hares!) loomed overhead in a delightful way, transforming the mundanity of the city into a miniature wonderland.  Artists such as Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor seek, through their art, to make us look again at our environment, to make us experience afresh the streets we tread, Sophie Ryder’s hares made me see St James’ Square in a totally new light, a magical scene set in the midst of a busy London Thursday.

if you see them, walking down the street, don’t just walk on by, but take a pic and send it to me ..  SHARE A HARE!

St James Square – public access Monday to Friday until 4.30pm.